a platform for learning vocational, workplace and social skills while providing meaningful employment for those on the autism spectrum.

Our Mission

Founded by autistic animator Dani Bowman in 2009, Danimation Entertainment provides talent development for artists on the autism spectrum while also delivering award-winning 2D animation for entertainment and industry.  Our mission is two-fold, providing an autism positive learning environment supporting growth in technical and interpersonal skills while delivering exceptional 2D animation to our clients.  For too long, individuals on the autism spectrum have been excluded from the workforce despite their unique skills and talents in the art of animation production.


DaniMation Entertainment creates fun, lively and colorful 2D animated commercials, PSAs, music videos, sequences, and shorts. For the past 10 years, DaniMation Entertainment has produced and premiered at least one animated short every year for San Diego Comic-Con, and then they are screened through the film festival circuits.

Illustration & Graphic Arts

DaniMation Entertainment is a publishing platform for books including picture and chapter books. Our books are published via Lulu and CreateSpace. We also do graphic designs for “Logos”, “Magazine Covers”, “Posters”, and more.

Teaching Animation

Dani Bowman, an inspirational animator travels around the country, teaching animation with companies and organizations like Inclusion Films, OCALI, Step by Step, VSAFlorida, and Spectrum Laboratory. While the focus on the camp is for students with special needs, the classes are typically open to everyone. The goal of the classes is to help develop social and collaboration skills, which are difficult for individuals with autism, while they learn animation. The classes also have the added benefit of acting as a recruiting ground for future employees.

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