History of DaniMation Entertainment

(This timeline may change)


  • DaniMation Entertainment (Formally Powerlight Studios) launched
  • Beginning of ToonBoom Sponsorship
  • First Collaboration with Inclusion Films


  • Published first book Danny & Goliath


  • First animation teaching at Joey Travolta’s Inclusion Film Camps
    • Film Lab at University of North Florida (Jacksonville, FL)
    • Marble Jam Kids at St. Peters College (Tenefly, NJ)
    • OUCares at Oakland University (Detroit, MI)
  • Started animation production on first festival animated short, Mr Raindrop


  • Premiered 2 animated shorts at San Diego Comic-Con
    • Mr Raindrop
    • The Namazu
  • Third animated short Hannah Lost Her Smile (2013) in production
  • New Teaching Locations
    • Joey Travolta’s Inclusion Film Camps
      • ACT Today at Cox Communications (San Diego, CA)
      • Futures Explored at St. Mary’s College (Moraga, CA)
    • Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (Columbus, OH)


  • Premiered Hannah Lost Her Smile


  • Premiered AirBurst The Soda of Doom (in collaboration with Strange Flavor ltd.)
  • New Teaching Locations
    • VSAFlorida’s Animation Gets Real (Tampa, FL)
    • Step by Step Academy (Worthington, OH)
    • The Center for Autism & Low Incidence (Finley, OH)


  • Premiered fifth animated short, The Adventures of Pelican Pete: A Bird is Born (Collaboration with Annoyin’ Ninja Films)
  • Completed sixth animated short, Somebody NEEDs You (Collaboration with EDU Designs)


  • Premiered sixth animated short, Somebody NEEDs You (Collaboration with EDU Designs)
  • Began partnership with organization Spectrum Laboratory.


  • PSA for Autism Society of America shown at over 4,000 AMC theaters nationwide in the United States, promoting Autism Society’s first annual AutFest
  • Premiered seventh animated short at San Diego Comic Con, “Hide & Shriek”
  • First Produced Spectrum Laboratory’s music video “Be a Friend”.


  • Premiered eighth animated short at San Diego Comic-Con The Audition