Sponsors & Partners

About ToonBoom

ToonBoom has been a generous sponsor for more than 10 years, supporting DaniMation’s animation production and this would not have been able to produce as many films as it has without their support. In addition to supporting DaniMation’s animation production, the company provided software for Dani Bowman’s students for her company’s animation camps/workshops that she teaches every year.

For more information about ToonBoom, go to ToonBoom.com

About Spectrum Laboratory

Spectrum Laboratory has teamed up with my company DaniMation Entertainment to help students learn animation with the Spec Saturday Animation Workshop.  The Spec Saturday Animation Workshop is a class for students with special needs including autism, where Dani teaches animation 14 weeks per semester in Los Angeles CA, from animation principles to animation production.

For more information on Spectrum Laboratory, go to SpecLabs.org