Animated Shorts

Every year, Dani Bowman has produced and premiered 7 award winning animated shorts at San Diego Comic-Con.

Mr. Raindrop (2012)

Once upon a time there were millions of happy water drops living in a pond, except for one water drop who was very unhappy. The water drop was so sad, he was always looking up to see the beautiful blue sky, soft billowing clouds, the bright yellow sun, the moon and all the stars.  He wished and wished he could live on a cloud and one day, to his surprise his wish came true.  He was so happy. What an adventure. Living in a cloud was exciting until he looked down and saw the earth…what’s down there…

Mr. Raindrop ‘s circle of life story is told from his very own enchanted, lovable , point of view.

Directed by Harriet Woodruff Spizziri

Animated by Dani Bowman

The Namazu (2012)

Staring Tom Kenny As The Namazu, and Stella Ritter as Dani

Dani (Stella Ritter) and her pet cat Iggy went to Kashimaland, an amusement park in Japan to have fun. But until a trio of bully kids blocked the entrance for one of the rides, the “Glop of Doom”. Dani must find the way to deal with the bullies, suddenly a giant earthquake followed…

Hannah Lost Her Smile (2013)

Starring Stella Ritter as Hannah

One bright morning Hannah awoke and she went to the bathroom, to wash her face and brush her teeth.  But when she looked at the mirror to her surprise, she lost her smile!

Will Hannah ever find her smile back?

AirBurst: The Soda of Doom (2014)

Starring Joe Mantegna as MM-Ci

One of the Ex-head’s members of theof Mars Media Mega Cooperation, MM-Ci has invented a secret weapon to prevent AirBurst players from an upcoming league tourney, The Soda of Doom, which causes rapid extreme weight gain.

Will the AirBurst players make it to the tourney before it’s too late?

The Adventures of Pelican Pete: A Bird is Born (2015)

In the first part of The Adventures of Pelican Pete trilogy, “A Bird is Born”, it tells a story of how Pelican Pete’s parents started building nests and raising their young, and how Pelican Pete got his baseball cap.

Based on the locally renown books by Hugh & Frances Keiser, this movie is geared towards children and adults of all ages to teach them about ecology.

Somebody NEEDS You (2016)

Starring June Foray

An animated short from Dani Bowman and Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon and others, featuring the voice talent of June Foray, from Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Hide & Shriek (2017)

A Student Film from Woodbury University

This is a heartwarming story of a young girl named Leti, who visits her father’s tombstone after a Day of the Dead party. But when Leti comes home that night, something spooky is after her.

Other Animated Projects

In addition to Dani Bowman’s film Festival work, Dani has a collection of animated projects she worked on over the years including commercials, PSAs, and music videos.

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