Updating for the New Year

For over 9 years, DaniMation Entertainment has illustrated and published 6 books, and had premiered 8 award winning animated shorts, a PSA, and a music video at San Diego Comic Con including the its latest animated short, The Audition (2018)

The website for DaniMation will continue to update as more and more animation productions will be developed in the future.

That said, we still have barely scratched the surface on the website development for DaniMation.

Stay tuned for more website updates, and I hope you all have a prosperous new year!


DaniMation Entertainment Website Needs Clean up

Hi everyone!

The Danimation Entertainment is currently updating. We are so excited to bring up the new DaniMation Entertainment website. In this website, there will be a list of animated shorts that premiered at San Diego Comic-Con, list of books that Dani Illustrated and Publish, and so much more.

This is compared to Dani Bowman’s personal website about autism advocacy and public speaking, which is targeted for the autism and special needs community. This website will targeted for animation and media companies that would like to see some of the amazing animation work. Yep…It’s the animation industry! 🙂


Please stay tuned as we will continue to update DaniMation Entertainment website. 🙂