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Finally! For the first time ever! We present you Comic-Con International’s WonderCon@Home panel about the importance of accurate autistic representation in the media and more.

The panelists were:

Moderator – Gary Miereanu

Pixar – Loop (About a brother understanding his sister on the autism spectrum) and Float (About a dad a raising his son-who has a special ability to levitate)
Erica Milsom, Bobby Alcid Rubio, Kristina Cababa

MEET THE BIZ – Diana Elizabeth Jordan
Inclusion Films – Joey Travolta
DaniMation Entertainment – Dani Bowman

Coordinated by Emilie Clark

Dr. Temple Grandin
Mr. Fantastic from Marvel’s Fantastic 4
Cody Lee
Holly Robinson Pete
The singer Prince
Miles Davis
Everything’s Gonna Be Okay
Lock and Key- Coby Bird
Carol Of The Bells (70% of the film were Neurodiverse)
Through The Heart of Tango
Normal People Scare Me and Normal People Scare Me Too
Gretchen McIntire
Rajalika Speaks
Somebody NEEDS You

Thank you to Emilie Clark for working diligently with WonderCon, Pixar, and myself to put this panel together, and bring it to you via Zoom because the live panel was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Also thank you to WonderCon for including a variety of panels with diversity and mental health.