Every year, I introduce animation to youth on the autism spectrum during my DaniAcademy Virtual Summer Animation Workshop. This is one of our students, Natalie Sherriffs, all the way from Scotland! Natalie was not sure in the beginning of the camp if animation would be something what would do. This is what her parents wrote to us:

“Dear Dani & Sandy, I can’t thank you enough for the special course for Natalie. We saw talent we didn’t realise she had! You have taught her so much and she’s thinking of animation to do at college! The video of Dani’s early life made me cry and she’s so blessed to have such wonderful people in her life to understand her autism and help her shine bright! When I thought Tali (her nickname) was little I knew she thought differently from her older sister, Julia.

Both of your incredible skills, love for others and your positivity means the world to us all. Natalie can’t wait for one to one classes. From the bottom of our hearts- thank you!

Natalie is going to write about her journey with you this week and I’m going to phone the local press with the story. I hadn’t heard about Dani Academy before Anna told me. Such special people xxx Sending love from Scotland, Collette & Gordon, Julia & Natalie”

Thank you to Anna Kennedy Online for scholarshiping Natalie to this camp and for your Support of DaniMation!