The Indiana Cheese Muncher is the first animated short created by Zoe Ramos–a 16-year-old girl on the autism spectrum who was mentored by animator, animation teacher, and Chief Creative Officer of DaniMation Entertainment, Dani Bowman.

It is also the first animated short distributed by DaniMation Entertainment while it was produced by Zoe’s production company Zobot Studios and created at Spectrum Laboratory.

The production including voice actors are all made by youth on the autism spectrum. Featuring Zoe Ramos herself, Shane McKaskle, Faith Butterfield, and Brandon Rodriguez. This short is animated on Harmony, Toon Boom Animation‘s professional software.


One quiet night, a penniless, hungry suspect and his mice minions sneaks quietly into the cheese store while a police officer is on patrol. Will the police officer catch him before the cheese muncher steals all the cheese?

San Diego Comic Con 2019 Cheese Muncher Panel

Indiana Cheese Muncher Trailer