About DaniMation Entertainment

We believe in animation talent development and employability for people with special needs including autism and helping them showcase their work in the animation and the arts industry.

Inclusion is the Future.

DaniMation Entertainment is a cloud-based autism talent development company that produces original and contract Animation, Illustration, and Graphic Arts. Founded by Dani Bowman at age 14, the company has produced eight animated shorts premiering at San Diego Comic-Con, has illustrated 6 children's books available on Amazon and numerous commercial work. Bowman also travels around the country, teaching animation to teens and young adults with autism at summer camps, and has worked with over a thousand neurodiverse young adults. She also has a studio in Los Angeles CA with a neurodiversity team.

Founder and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) Dani Bowman also travels around the country, speaking at autism and neurodiverse conferences about "Autism and the Importance of Inclusion of Neurodiversity in the Workforce".

Neurodiversity is an untapped resource, and DaniMation Entertainment is positioning itself to tap into the neurodiversity workforce. Companies have to learn how to bring neurodiverse workers on board or get left behind.

Over 500,000 individuals with neurodiversity will be turning 18 and entering the workforce within the next decade.

With an average of one in four young adults of working age likely to experience a disability, Inclusion is the Future.


The Company's Mission

One of DaniMation’s missions is to address employee issues for people with autism, a disorder than impacts 1 in 59 individuals. According to the common statistics, more than 89% of individuals with autism and other related disabilities are unemployed, underemployed, or are not participating in the labor force (regardless of their education level, IQ or skills). The unfortunate truth is that these individuals who love animation and the arts are completely overlooked in the workforce despite unique and amazing creative skills as artists, musicians and storytellers.

Dani’s summer camps and national speaking schedule deliver a message of hope and encouragement to others like her that are impacted by autism and also serve to market DaniMation’s services as well as develop a network of like-minded organizations and a recruiting platform for future employees with DaniMation.