DaniMation Entertainment specializes in providing animation industry talent development for artists on the autism spectrum and other disabilities while also delivering award-winning 2D animation for entertainment and industry.  Our mission is two-fold, providing an autism positive learning environment supporting growth in technical and interpersonal skills while delivering exceptional 2D animation to our clients.

We provide talent development programs to individuals with autism, providing valuable technical and social skills. Advanced members of our program work on paid animation and illustration projects where they perform story writing, storyboarding, character designing, layout, animation, voice acting, music, and post-production editing.

ToonBoom Animation is a sponsor for DaniMation Entertainment; they provide animation software when Dani teaches animation to individuals on the autism spectrum.

Dani’s summer camps and national speaking schedule deliver a message of hope and encouragement to others like her that are impacted by autism and also serve to market DaniMation’s services as well as develop a network of like-minded organizations and a recruiting platform for future employees with DaniMation.

Currently Available Animation Talent Development Programs

Our Mission

Our Mission is to change the world’s perception of autism by demonstrating the incredible talents of individuals on the spectrum while providing transformative programs that maximize the potential of each individual personally and professionally while delivering exceptional animation to industry and entertainment.

Our Goal

Our goal is continually expand Danimation’s services and impact by partnering with like-minded organizations…..