Have a question about online animation classes for youth with autism

Have Questions about Animation Classes?

We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions about animation classes for youth on the autism spectrum.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us at the links below.

Yes!  We’ve been teaching animation to youth with ASD for more than 10 years.  Additionally, most of our instructors are on the autism spectrum and not only function as teachers, but role models and mentors as well.

No.  While we specialize in teaching animation to youth on the autism spectrum, our classes are open to everyone that want’s to learn animation.

Our classes over the past 10 years have been primary in person, but with Covid in 2020, we’ve moved all of our classes on line for the foreseeable future.  We’re hoping to resume our regular summer program next in 2021 in Florida, California, and Plymouth UK.

Very successful!  After teaching in person over the past 10 year, we were hesitant to do online classes.  In fact, we find that for many students, online is a better learning environment as it doesn’t have the same environmental distractions that in person classes have.

Absolutely!  Animation is perfect for a home based learning program.  We have both 1:1 instruction and group classes.

No.  We have students from all over the world enrolled in our classes including England, Austria, and Australia.

We typically teach students from ages 10 – 22, but based upon the student, have students both younger and older.

We work to keep our classes affordable, especially considering 1:1 instruction by professional animators trained to work with youth on the autism spectrum.  You can see the current course offering here.

You student needs a reasonably modern Windows PC, Mac, or Linux computer, we supply the software.  Unfortunately, the software we teach does not run on Chromebooks.

Course material.  We tailor our classes specifically to each student, their interests, and learning pace.  Our offerings include 2D computer animation from learning the software through story boarding, writing, animating, character design and both pre and post production activities.

Personal skills.  Our students also learn social skills, teamwork, as well as experience an increase in self esteem and confidence.

Yes!  All of our students have an interest in animation, telling stories and creating characters, regardless of their art skills.

No, absolutely not.  What’s important is an interest in animation.

Yes!  Many famous animators were probably on the autism spectrum and artists are only limited by their creativity.

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