Parent Testimonials


“The change I’ve seen in my daughter in just five days, from arriving anxious and nervous and very within herself. The confidence that has grown in her over the week and the friends that she’s made has been incredible, a really great experience…I would definitely recommend it to anybody.”




Tampa Arts for All

Taking classes with Danimation has been amazing for my daughter. Dani starts with the basics of animation, but also quickly gets the students using the latest animation software that the pros use. This helps the students see right away what’s possible and it’s motivating for them to be able to start making their animation come to life within just a few classes. Dani is patient and kind and her classes have a high teacher-to- student ratio so students that need one-on-one help can get it. Dani has become a mentor to my daughter which has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for her. The classes and camps are also very affordable when compared to the other options out there which are actually very few and far between. Dani’s overall mission to develop the skills and talents of people on the autism spectrum so that they can become employable in the animation industry is pretty incredible.

Tracy, Parent

This program was amazing! It provided the opportunity for children with Autism to explore music and animation. The best program, ever, that my child has attended. The facilitators were wonderful and understood the special needs of our children.

Summer Virtual Workshop, Parent

Even though it was via Zoom due to the circumstances of the virus, they kept it very engaging and exciting. I really liked during the end of week presentation/ceremony they talked about College programs and schools that have what they have been working on this week, and encouraging them that they can make this a career and they can do anything.

Summer Virtual Workshop, Parent

I love the exposure my son received to animation which he would not otherwise have received.
The staff were amazing, helpful, caring and instrumental in the positive experience my son received.

Summer Virtual Workshop, Parent

Todos los instructores tratan a los alumnos muy bien. Les ayudan a que su estima crezca. Además son muy profesionales y conocen del tema. Son muy buenos.

All instructors treat students very well. They help their esteem grow.  They are also very professional and know the subject. They are very good.

Florida Parent,

“We are so thankful for all of you, for Danimation and what you have taught Sawyer and he continues to grow in so many ways with what you are teaching him.

I recently got a call from Sawyer’s teacher who told me his writing has improved dramatically and they asked if we would be open to moving him to more challenging writing classes next semester.

She asked me what has changed and I shared that his animation classes with Alexandra and Dani have helped him to stretch his skills, learn to cope with challenges and just enjoy that creative spark. Thank you so much for all you have taught Sawyer.”

Melinda, 1:1 Class Parent