On a perfectly ordinary morning, Hannah wakes up and enters the bathroom to brush her teeth. But as she gazes into the mirror, she comes to a horrifying realization: her smile has vanished! She makes funny faces, searches around her room, and thinks about her favorite things. But none of it seems to work. Even eating her favorite candy bar, watching her favorite cartoon, and playing with a brand new doll fails to bring her smile back. As Hannah sits alone on a park bench, she wonders if she’s doomed to be sad forever

Starring Stella Ritter as Hannah

In Collaboration With Inclusion Films

Ray Martino: Story Writer, Screenwriter, Producer

Danny Sarokin: Story Writer, Screenwriter, Producers

Dani Bowman: Director, Animator, Editor

Justin Canha: Storyboard Artist

Patrick Eidemiller: Animation Supervisor, Recording Engineer

Nicholas Guzman: Musical Score Composer

Stella Ritter—Hannah

Benjamin Roberts—The Narrator/Oliver

Jonathan C. Cornejo—Steve the Toy Guy

Dani Bowman—TV Show Announcer